Sunday, February 7, 2010

Music to my Ears

(random cool flyer)
Find good music from here on You Tube, it is "anarchobands" channel, and you can skip around to some pretty good stuff after browsing all the stuff there. Its soooo nice to hear some bands I haven't heard in many years either bcuz its just on a couple of comps, on vinyl and the damn needles are so expensive so I sold my turntable, or whatever. Plus sometimes I found stuff that actually had videos (!) that I never knew about. Alot of this old shit that is put up onto Youtube may not have a video to it, but then again who the hell really cares if you haven't heard it in 10 or so years. I didn't exactly have a video player in my room when I was young & listened to music, if the band put a lyric sheet & photos, I looked at that- great. If they didn't, then I just listened-also great. I did radio stations on Pandora too a while ago, but you can't really quite say what you want to hear all the time, its still really great...staysik's radio!!

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