Saturday, March 20, 2010

Work Hard and Play By the Rules.......

You frequently hear, in this age of soccer mom politics, complaints that people “work hard and play by the rules” and still get screwed.

Well, OF COURSE people get screwed when they work hard and play by the rules. Who do you think is making the rules? You might as well complain that you don’t get rich in Vegas when you play by the rules of the house.

The only people who get rich playing by the rules are the people who make the rules. And just look at the people sitting around the table, the people who make the rules you live by: the “too big to fail” banks; the RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft; Cargill and ADM; Merck and Pfizer; Boeing and McDonnell Douglass. Do these look like people who want you to get rich playing by the rules? No. They want YOU to play by the rules, while THEY get rich.

You’ll succeed by working hard and playing by the rules about as fast as an Egyptian slave would have got to be Pharaoh by working hard building a pyramid.

Posted by Kevin Carson on Center for a Stateless Society

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