Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Record Ranch

The Record Ranch, from their website:

"About The Record Ranch:
The Record Ranch is a place where music fans congregate to buy and sell vinyl, CDs, music memorabilia and anything else music-related. The site is run by collectors who also possess many years of brick and mortar record store experience as well as e-commerce/web development experience.

Our Mission:
Our aim is to cultivate a friendly, vibrant venue driven by both knowledgeable sellers and music fans worldwide. We obviously can't replace your neighborhood independent record store with a website (nor would we ever want to), but we hope to capture the intimate atmosphere and one-of-a-kind selection that goes hand in hand with independent record stores worldwide.

What we offer:

•Free listings and stores! Three free images per listing too. You only pay final value fees and any listing extras.
•Options! No stringent requirements on shipping and payment methods.
•A bulk uploader to save you time. Just export your current inventory to a CSV file, then use our uploader to get your stock into The Record Ranch.
•An extensive category structure geared more towards serious fans/collectors.
•Completed auctions that stay on the site for a looong time. "

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