Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making some money during recession times

There's a lot of scams out there, and I'm trying to find the ones that aren't scams! One way to make money online is by writing content articles and some will print creative writing too:

1- try going to , and sign up for the writer's compensation program. Write articles, make friends in the network, and comment and rate other people's articles, who will usually return the favor. Some people claim to make hundreds to even a grand a month off their writing, but I (Germ and Staysik) haven't seen this happen yet.

2- try writing on a site similar to eHow, is Bukisa: some people say that they've made more money doing this, we haven't really seen this happen, but maybe it'll work for you!

3- another website, similar to the other two mentioned is Triond.
Also there's Suite 101- same deal: write online...

4- Try earning points by shopping, clicking on adds, and participating in surveys-- contact me through comments or send a message through the blog and I'll give you the information for it to get you signed up. There's also another company called Freeride that we haven't tried, but it may be worth the effort, who knows?

5- Think up ideas for domain names, and if yours is picked, you get paid $25!

6- The other writing websites that, depending on who you talk to, are good ways to make money, but we've not yet tried.

7- is always hiring for various guides and they seem to pay you well! Check with them frequently!

If you know of others, please tell us how you are doing, and what seems to work. It's hard times and we can all use the extra cash!! Good luck.

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